Single Door Access Controller ST-CP-1000

Single Door Access Controller ST-CP-1000

Standard RS485 or TCP/IP communication with multi level lightning protection and surge protectio


Technical Specifications  

Access Control
User 10,000
Event 60,000
Alarm Record 60,000 events
Communication RS 485 or TCP/IP
Communication dis-tance 1200 meters (485) or 100 meters (TCP/IP)
Card Reader Wiegand protocol
Operation Mode Card, Card + PSW, PWS, double card, soft-ware, free pass, push button, door timer
Card Reader 2
Alarm output 1-ch
Fire alarm input 1-ch
Release button 1 (or 2 as option)
Door sensor input 1
Lock output 1 (or 2 as option)
Panel size 135 x 105 x 22 mm
Panel color Deep blue
Panel Weight 150g
Metal box 180 x 167 x37 mm
Box color Black
Box weight 1.3 KG
Working temperature < 60oC
Humidity -10% ~ 95% R.H
Working voltage 12V
Working current < 80mA
Rated power ≦ 5W
Data protection if nopower supply 10 years


Key Features

Standard RS485 or TCP/IP communication with multi level lightning protection and surge protection
Big flash memory to keep data for 10 years if no power
All of chips are imported to meet industrial demand and wide working environment
All of inputs have optocoupler protection to assure stable system
Each door’s time zone has as many as 16 groups, and each group can choose different verification methods
Support multi verification: Card, card+ PSW, PSW, double cards, free pass, door timer, timed alarm
Support remotely open or close door, alarm, fire alarm
Support anti pass back and global anti pass back
Support many kinds of events’ alarm output like inva-lid card and time, door alarm, door open overtime
All of our access controllers are compatible with wie- gand protocol like 26, 34, 37, and have optocoupler protection
Support the setting of each card’s valid time
All of access control devices support RS485, TCP/IP controller’s mixing installation
Support time attendance and on line guard tour func- tion
Working with IP camera to realize network real time monitor and video capture
Access controllers include metal box, controller panel and 12V 4A power supply


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