• Key Features:
    • Our face machines with developed face algorithm, fast and accurate identification, achieved and the advanced level of face recognition
    • Double infrared light double HD cameras, can even do the identification at night time
    • ARM (Quad-core CortexTM -A7) processor
    • Without install software, can input/output user infor-mation, shift pattern and shift management by U-disk, and download the attendance report
    • T9 input, input user information directly
    • Reminder of on and off duty, and late in and early out


Model No. ST-FP05

Facial capacity :1000
Card capacity : 5000
Fingerprint capacity : 5000
Record capacity : 100.000
Display  : 2.8 TFT color screen LCD
Identification speed :  <1 sec
Power supply : 9V, 1A
Working style : Standalone or Online
Identification style : Face / Fingerprint / Password and combination
Languages : English, Spanish, France, Turkey, Arabic, Thailand and so on
Communication :  TCP/IP, RS232, USB
Access control inter-face Weigand, 26 out and relay
Working temperature : 10% ~ 60%
Working : 0”C ~ 45’C
Working humidity : 20%~80%
Battery :  Backup battery , 3 hours


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